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Uplifting Marginalised Communities through Upcycled Handicrafts 

Lumago Means "To Bloom"

A community of artisans blossom out of the
Dumaguete Dumpsite
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Lumago Designs commitment to empower women through the craft of upcycled and handmade jewelry making ethical fashion the new norm


"I have always loved Lumago jewellery and wore it even before I became a reseller! Everyone comments on your one of a kind pieces, and are amazed when you tell them the story of Lumago and how everything is upcycled. I have been lucky enough to be a reseller for Lumago in the last couple of years – through my restaurant where we have a small souvenirs section. Working with Becky and the team of ladies is a privilege as you see such passion in what they are doing, and this shines through in the jewellery. My customers love the handmade pieces, and they walk away with presents and gifts and a sense of good feeling knowing they are supporting such a worthy cause."

- Lara Henry | Owner & Founder of Finbar

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