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Lumago Designs' signature element is the rolled paper bead, made from recycled paper. Donated or collected magazines, school pages, leaflets, receipts and more... 


Telling a story

The Process

Upcycled, ethical fashion, sustainable and fair trade, handmade jewelry in the Philippines by empowering women.

Want to Donate Materials?
Our signature material is the rolled paper bead
We accept donated magazines, leaflets, school projects, cartolina, receipt books and more
The artisans cut the pages into strips
And roll the strips into beads
Organising the different types of Pull Tabs
Cleansing the pull tabs thoroughly
Scrubbing them clean
Selecting the genuine leather bags
Cutting the usable parts of the leather
Cutting the leather by hand to turn into bespoke jewelry pieces
We use some second hand clothes in our designs
Cut and manipulated completely by hand
Using all the scraps of the material
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