meet Our Artisans

Our Lumago Artisans all live within the Candau-ay Community surrounding the Dumaguete Dumpsite. When Finding Amity came to visit they spent some time with each of them to find out what Lumago means to them.


Hi, I’m Janice. My life has improved a lot since working for Lumago because I can buy the things I want to help me look and  feel beautiful without relying on my husband! 

I work very hard to help him with our financial needs so we can provide for our young children.


Hi my name is Natty and I am a Lumago Artisan. Lumago is very important to me and changed my life.

I am now able to buy even the basic things to improve my household and I can help to put my kids and my grandchildren through education so they can have a better life.


I’m Narcelyn & I am a Lumago Artisan. Lumago is important to me as I was unable to work before and now I can help my husband to support our family.
I am also proud that I am able to reduce trash from my community by transforming it into jewelry.

My name is Flor and I am a Lumago Artisan. Lumago changed my life. It has enabled me and my kids to reach for our dreams. 

Lumago has become not just a job, but also a hobby and I  realised that by focusing on the finer details you can make a wonderful creation.


Hi, I’m Mely. I am so grateful for people who buy our products, not only does it help me and my family financially but as our products are upcycled it also helps to minimise trash in our environment. 

I also treasure the friendships I’ve made with the other ladies.


Hi I am Elizabeth. Lumago has become a part of me. It is what I know and helps me to work hard to provide for my family and enable my kids to go to school.

I’d love to show our customers how much hard work and time goes into each product.

My name is Anabelle. Before Lumago I was unable to  provide for my 3 young children, now I am able to make them happy with all the things they need. 

I love working for Lumago and it feels good to make products made of recycled materials and be able to give back to mother nature.


Hi my name is Haluwina and I am a Lumago Artisan. Lumago changed my life because now I can buy the things I want and need for my family.

My favourite thing about working as a Lumago lady is sharing ideas with the other crafters.


Hi I'm Nuela. Working with Lumago is a big help for me as I have to stay at home with the kids. Working from home enables me to look after my children and run the house while supplementing my husbands income so we can provide for our family.