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Sean's Story

Updated: May 23, 2023

Moving to a New City

Hi! I am Sean Francis C. Nocete, a native from Purok Yellow Tops, Zone 2, Candau-ay, Dumaguete City. I am currently 24 years old. I've been here in the city for over 15 years since 2008. My family decided to move to Dumaguete from Manila due to my father's declining health. He wished to live out his remaining time in his hometown. When we came here, the city was nice, warm, and beautiful. The city was easy to like, especially the ambiance, and the people living here.

Moving from the Big City

When we started living here, my family and I had to adjust to this new way of life. From learning the Bisaya language, the slowed pace of life and the unique culture, there were many things that we had to adopt for us to easily get along with the people here. It was hard at first but as the time went by, everything turned out fine and we learned the ways of the locals with the help of our relatives here.

The funny thing is that until now, my mom is not that good at speaking Bisaya, only she knows the reason for that! From the time we moved here, I continued my studies from elementary until college and thank God, I graduated from my studies last 2021.

The Struggles of Education

All of us faced struggles and I am not exempt from that. Things got really hard when I finished high school. My family told me honestly then that they cannot fully support my studies in college since they don't have money to pay tuition. I got sad actually but my dedication to enter college was so strong that I found ways to continue my studies on my own. I sought out scholarships available in our city that could support me. I tried so hard until I reached the point of being hopeless because it was near a new school year and yet I wasn't able to admit myself to a university to continue my studies in college.

Fortunately, I got a call from the scholarship office in Silliman University that I was one of the ones chosen for a scholarship grant. I was so happy back then that I promised myself to keep that scholarship until I graduated college. At that time, I was finally able to support myself and with guidance of my family and help from the university to keep fighting in my studies.

Of course, I admit that was not easy. I faced problems, a lot of anxiety, worriedness, sadness as well as some victories and many accomplishments during my college years. But I continued fighting for my goals and dreams in life until the time that graduation is near. I exert so much effort to get that diploma and be able to finish my college degree.

With the guidance of our Lord God, my family, my scholarship office family, my friends, and those who believed in me, I finally graduated college!! That is one of my greatest treasures that I will never forget. I truly value the teachings the school has taught us even up to this day. I am thankful and blessed for those things that happened in my life despite those setbacks.

Onwards and Upwards

Currently, I am working now as a Data Research Analyst at Sourcescrun Philippines, Inc for over a year now. I truly value, care, and love this job since everything else around it is now really stressful and exhausting. I pray that I still continue working here for more years to come and of course, I will do my best also to make it into reality. I continue living for my dreams and goals in life.

Lumago and I

My mom joined Lumago Designs when it was first established as a small business way back 2011. In the beginning, the owner, Whitney would choose some accessories made from those women artisans. Back then, it was small but fortunately, all of them earned a decent income out of it. My mom got really involved in it and through that, she was able to provide for our daily necessities during those times.

Things got really exciting when Becky Stanbridge stepped in to run the business. She formed these women who permanently do orders weekly. I am amazed how dedicated they are and sometimes, I help them out. I am truly grateful to her for keeping the business in operation until today. The accessories were also upgraded!! There are lots of them being introduced and it is really beautiful. I see how dedicated they are to promote recycling and be environmentally friendly through their products by making handicrafts that are recycled in nature. I truly admire how they kept it strong until today.

I know Becky as a very helpful, passionate, selfless, and kind person. Honestly, she's one of those people who really helped us when we struggled either personally or financially. She's there to help us out and extend her arms out to keep us of what we are now. Lumago Designs is really my mom's work for over a decade now. She really put her heart out to also help Becky in running the business. I am very grateful and thankful for that.

Without Lumago Designs, I don't know what our life would be like now. I am very proud of what the business has accomplished. A lot of people are excited about it and many of them buy the products. Still, the business has not forgotten their purpose, and that is to promote recycling and create environmentally friendly products while supporting their artisans.

My hope is that they continue to inspire a lot of people. You have reached so far and I know you never sway from your purpose and doing things to help others. Thank you so much Lumago Designs for all the help to our family. I am very much happy and thankful for that. Keep the fire burning and never stop helping.

I am happy being part of the business. I learned so much from it and I am very excited about what the business can do in the next succeeding days, weeks, months, or years. I am here supporting the business always. For years, the business helped me to become what I am now. Thank you Lumago Designs and Becky Stanbridge for that.

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