Community Impact

At Lumago Designs, we understand that having a community impact means empowering people to improve their lives and uplift their community in the process. We approach this challenge, first and foremost, by having an understanding of the realities in the community where we work.


We engage our artisans, their families, community leaders, and other community members in the Candau-ay community to assess their challenges, and in doing so, start to formulate a plan for how to best tackle the obstacles standing in the way of their success. This community lies adjacent to the Dumaguete City open dumpsite, an environmental hazard to all forms of life in the vicinity and downstream along the Banica river which it borders. Many residents rely on the dumpsite by scavenging and reselling recyclable and scrap materials for measly incomes. Nonetheless, this resourcefulness has instilled upon them an "Upcycling" way of life whereby they have learned to see the value in other people's discarded possessions to make the most for themselves and their families.

Lumago Designs has helped to cultivate this skill while ensuring a fair living wage for our artisans by providing them the means to turn their resourcefulness and creativity into a viable livelihood, whereby they can use their talents to create beautiful accessories from discarded and scrap materials with a unique aesthetic and an inspiring story.

Lumago's commitment to our artisans and their greater community is borne out through our social contract with the Lumago ladies. We enable them by providing or assisting with:

- Fair living wages

- Flexible, work-from-home environment

- Reliable, consistent income

- Skills training/Educational workshops

- Social benefit programs (SSS & PhilHealth)

- Savings matching and interest-free loan programs

- Healthcare assistance and medications

The assistance we provide to our artisans empowers them to be independent women, to look after their children and ensure they have access to education, nutritious food, and healthcare, to be a voice in their community for environmental awareness, and to have meaningful work opportunities where they can be proud of their creations and the means provided by their work.